Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things to make with animal eyes and zippers

So I just bought a bunch of cute fabric from and I couldn't wait for it to arrive...finally it did and I was so excited! I am obsessed with matryoshk nesting dolls. My mom had a bunch of different sets on her bookshelf while we were growing up and my sister and I loved them! Even though they really weren't supposed to be played with- we always did and always put them back without our mom seeing us. Ever since then I have loved them- but it wasn't until I went to China with my dad and sister (while I was in college) that I always wanted to have some of my own. I bought (of course) some panda nesting dolls to bring home with me. They lasted many years until my daughter was old enough to play with them and they have all been missing. So recently I started buying things with matryoshk dolls on it. Like a tshirt, and apron, stamps, and now fabric.. anyway here is a picture of something I made yesterday with the new fabric and some of my 4 mm black safety eyes. I cut off the posts on the back of the eyes and glued them on with special fabric glue. Trust me when I say- they will not come off! I made a t-shirt 2 years ago with rhinestones and this glue and they have not fallen off yet. I have worn the shirt a million times.

Notice the wizard of oz book? I will write about it later...

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