Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

I was sick last week, and so was my daughter and the little guy :( We all got some stomach virus, it was so gross! anyway it made me late on some orders since I couldn't get out of bed let alone drag my puking kids to the post office. I couldn't even go on the computer. anyway I just saw on the news last night that the health officials actually shut down a local school because over 100 students were out from school with the stomach intestinal virus thing too! So it is going around our area and they said they are trying to figure out what it is....scary isn't it? I always try to figure out where I get sick from but I went to 3 different places so I could have gotton sick from any of those...including the dentist, grocery store and post office....I am thinking it's from the grocery store because it is kinda dirty and we used the bathrooms there that were really gross...:( Thank goodness we are all better now and feeling normal. Being sick sucks. Anyway here are some things that were ordered this week from my ETSY shop which kind of display the way I felt..

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