Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are some pictures from yesterday- (click on them to make them bigger) I figured I would take a new pick of my crafting area since I had to clean it. (Half of the room is the kids playroom...I have slowly been taking over the room. In our old house we had alot more room for my "junk". We also didn't have so many toys back then either. oh well. I really hate clutter so at times I freak out and want to throw all my belongings in the trash...which I actually use to do. But then I realized I would rebuy all the things that I threw away! So I stopped throwing things away. Now I sell them on craigslist...haha. Anyway here is a pic of my clean work area, and a picture of my daughter with the dogs. She just adores them even though they drive me nuts! They are more high maintance then having kids. and poor Lucky (black dog) is getting real old. Can you tell from his beard? Meanwhile Vegas (little guy) is a year younger then Lucky and still acts like he is a puppy! He is so crazy- at least in the summer Regan will play with him in the backyard for hours, but in this cold weather no one wants to go outside :( I can't wait for the spring! please hurry!!


Kahoonica said...

Ooh I love taking a peek at other people's crafting areas. Yours is so nice and organized! Or maybe you tidied up for the photo? :P

Jenifer said...

haha- I only took the picture because I had to clean it. It only takes 5 minutes for my daughter to mess it up like a tornado hit it...but alot longer to actually clean it up.:)