Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Tea Party

My daughter turned 5 on friday, and of course we had to have an "Alice in Wonderland" themed birthday party.
It was also very "Etsy" themed since I got a few things from there. One being her cute Alice dress! Also, the best tasting sugar cookies ever! Not only do they look amazing but they are perfectly tasting. I got her owl and puppy cookies for my birthday, and I think I will have to get some for every holiday.

We had a cute little tea party since we were just having girls to the party. I got all the plates and tea cups from the Goodwill along with all the vases I put red roses in. I got Regan a special tea cup from Anthropologie since we love tea! Don't worry, she drinks Organic kids tea with no caffeine ;)

I Also made my first fondant cake. Regan insisted on not having cupcakes, go figure. They are not special enough anymore since we make them like once a week. I still had to make some because I knew not everyone wanted strawberry cake like her.
It turned out ok, not really what I had in my head but the checkerboard look worked. I made it around midnight the night before so I really didnt want to go crazy and then mess it up. It's a little too simple looking, but none of the other fondant accessories I had planned had worked right.
Also, I used my new black foil cupcake liners, they are so fancy. And mixed with the blue gingham cupcake wrappers, really made it match with the Alice theme.

Monday, February 22, 2010

DIY Weddings

I know it's only February, but I am already getting swamped with orders for weddings. It is a great time to get married now. Almost everyone is doing a DIY wedding, and with so many options out there, it's easy to see why! It doesn't even matter if your on a budget or not- everyone wants their wedding to be uniques and as special as it can be.
With that said, I am working on a pinwheel wedding. I am so excited for it! I have made alot of pinwheels for weddings- for cupcake toppers, but finally I get to make bridesmaid pinwheel bouquets! I will definatly show photos when they are done, maybe I can get some from the actual wedding?

Here is my new favorite fancy cupcake liners for weddings, they are called "Elenor Black" so pretty!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

So my birthday was yesterday, and I just didn't feel like making cupcakes even though I really wanted some.
Today ended up being a total snow day, everything is closed, I mean EVERYTHING! You would think we never had snow before.
So I decided it was time to make some Valentine's cupcakes..only I had one problem. Nothing is open, I wasn't going to shovel snow anyway, but I have no ingredients ;( My husbands idea, use a can of soda.
Hmmmm What are you talking about? I forgot that he actually told me about this awhile ago, but I didn't need the info then.
So I take a box of cake mix (I had red velvet,so appropriate) and a can of soda. mix together and bake!
No eggs, no vegetable oil. Just soda! Take a sip or 2 of the soda first, then use the rest. So now its vegan!
Also, it turned out to be one of the best cupcakes ever! The batter tasted like Dr. Pepper...haha YUMMY~

Also, I have been working on some new custom wedding cupcake toppers, so I took some photos of it with the cupcakes.
Buy them in my store!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New cupcake goodies

It has been far too long since I wrote anything on here. To tell you the truth, I forgot my email and password to log into my account.
So things have been super busy here. I have been working alot on my stores.. I have a ton of new cupcake products, including alot of cupcake liners in bulk! Perfect for bakers who are tired of the boring white baking cups! Anyway, here are a few pics. My handmade butterfly cupcake toppers, perfect for weddings. Doing a DIY wedding? I would LOVE to make custom ones. I love these butterflies. I think they look so elegant. Anyway, I have nonperils too and new sprinkles, and new GINHAM cupcake liners!
I am totally in love.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sugar cookies!

I just wanted to share some of my new sugar cookies I made to show off the cookie cutters I have for sale. Along with all the decorating stuff you need to make these! You can buy it all! And I have to say, I really didn't want to eat the cookies after decorating them, but I am sure glad I did....They were the best tasting cookies I ever had! The royal icing and all the decorations, really make the cookies that much yummier. The dress cookie cutter is part of the "princess" cookie cutter set.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cupcake Challenge

HI everyone!
I just wanted to tell all my fellow bakers out there, there is a cupcake challenge next sunday here in Moorestown,NJ.
It is at "Swanky Bubbles" an amazing dining place that also has a location in Philly. It is Sunday, November 29th at 5pm.

Do you want to enter? First prize is 100$ Right now they only have a few registered bakers, with limited spots open, so join NOW!
There will be tons of prizes, and giveaways. I am personally donating a ton of items for giveaways, so you will not be disappointed!

Also I am a guest judge! YEAH! I get to eat cupcakes for free! YUMMY!

Here is the site for more info:

Upside Down Rainbows

I can't believe I saw this! Actually my little guy pointed it out when we were coming out of the car into the house.
I never heard of such a thing, and when I asked my family, none of them have heard of it before I googled it.
You should too, it's so amazing, and rare!

Also, if you look at the one photo, there were 2! one is smaller :)