Saturday, June 30, 2007

Like attracting like

So the fumigating went well. Me and regan took the dogs to my parents house for the whole day. I am convinced that no one has ever had as many problems with bugs, as I have. So I started thinking. WHY? And I realized.....maybe it's because I have pictures of bugs hanging on the wall. It sounds crazy but maybe it's attracting them. I am going to take them down either way. It's a shame because they are actually really cute screen prints that I bought from a girl at the "Punk Rock flea market" years ago. I bought them because I thought if we ever have a boy, I thought they would be the cutest edition to the room. BUT now I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with them...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Ok, so my daughters bed has bed bugs, we threw out the old mattress. It was from my grandfathers shore house, and it was made in 1959! yikes. I am mad that I even let her sleep on it. She has huge bug bites :( anyway, I bought a new bed today, and went crazy cleaning. I get so crazy when it comes to bugs. I HATE THEM! anyway, so 5 minutes ago I was checking my email....and a bird flew into my was closed. WIERD. I am having one of those wierd days..I want it to be over. NOW oh and the bird was fine.

Look at those eye lashes! aren't you jealous? I am!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Amigurumi Deer, take 2

Here is my second deer. I love it soooo much. I just finished another Owl too, it's a hoot.haha I think I need to make my own book..would you buy it?

Friday, June 22, 2007

MY Deer, deer

Here is my amigurumi deer. I love it. I just finished another one, i will post pics of soon. I need to create the PDF for the actual crochet pattern so i can sell it, however, at this point I still have no applications from my hard drive til then, I will just keep creating crochet creatures. :)

a day at the zoo

So lat saturday Regan and I went to the Zoo. We have season passes for the second year, and have been there a million times. This time, I decided to walk a different route than we usually do. And it paid off! we found a flying bird area, where you are right next to the birds, you can feed them and they fly on, and over you. It was really neat. And we went into the petting zoo for the first time. Regan petted the nice goats. She started petting one and another goat came over and head butted him, so we walked away from them. They were about to start fighting. haha

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Regan's Last day at "My Gym"

Regan's God mother, Sarah, and one of my bestest friends EVER, and I went to Regan's last day at "My Gym". I think we are gonna wait til the fall to join again because I think she got a little bored of it. And after paying 175$ you want your kid to have fun. She did have fun, but she started refusing to participate in the group activities. She did really good when we first joined 2 sessions ago, but once she learned everything, she got tired of it and stopped doing it. oh well, maybe we will try another gym :)
And I have to say that Sarah is such a great friend. She drove all the way down here from Syracuse, NY, about a 4 and half hour drive, just to help me with cleaning and to watch Regan so I could run errands! Because nobody else would help, she did. I am about to start crying now because it really touched my heart. That's when you know who really cares about you. Someone who would do anything for you, even drive that far away, there and back, by themselves, and do it with a smile :)
Thanks Sarah, for being there for me and bringing me some motivation to keep moving on until Doug returns. Thanks for buying me food, twice (jerk!) and for helping me, and for making me cry, all in the matter of 2 days! I LOVE YOU!

Father's Day

Father's Day. Regan's second father's day, and Doug is away :( She really misses him. But we went to see Pop Pop and Gamie and she was so excited, she knew as soon as we pulled into thier development. What a smart little cookie.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NO computer!!

Do you know what its like NOT to have your computer working? You don't think you rely on it that much, right? Well, I had the experience. My computer froze, so I restarted it, and there was nothing left. All I got was a gray screen........All my information, all my wonderful photos of daughter, everything, was gone! What is worse is that my computer, Macbook, is only months old. SO you would think, it has years of good life in it, WRONG. The hard drive "failed" so everything was gone. And you would think, since it was a hardware problem, that Apple would attempt to retrieve my information, complamentary. well, they said it would cost around 800 dollars ans up to get my prescious information,pictures,files etc. back. No thanks.What a great company, huh?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My new garden

So this is part of my yard that was a total disaster, I should have taken a picture of it before the before because it had those huge paving stones all in a rectangle with a huge metal dog cage with over gown weeds and squirrel traps and even a bone skeleton of a squirrel. But we had the cage removed ahile ago, and we had a tree cut down and all the paver stones removed when the first picture was taken.

Then they came in and grinded the stumps down and rototilled the area that is spray painted.

AFTER, I planted a bunch of shady flowers and plants, with Regans help, and placed the pavers around, mostly to keep the dogs away...we will see how well that works. I am so excited to watch the garden grow! I still need topsoil and mulch but the flowers were alot more expensive than i thought they would be, so I can;t afford it yet. Hopefully the flowers won't die before than....Eventually I want to do the whole area that is surrounded by the sidewalk, and have the paver stones lead a little path through the whole thing. But maybe next year we will start the other half of the garden. I am still trying to battle with my grass. It's not very happy :( And we had the about a dozen tree stumps grinded on the side of the house. It looks like a off road bike track because its huge mounds of dirt everywhere. I'm sure my neighbors aren't too thrilled with the way it looks. it looks SCARY. But I can't really clean it up because it's next to a busy road, and my daughter would probably run right into the street if i turned my back for a second. I will have to wait for another 2 weeks for Doug to come home. Hopefully it doesn't rain before than because it would be a HUGE mess if it did.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I love Hibiscus...actually Hydrangea are my absolute fav. FYI
did I mention you can buy a print of this picture at my Etsy

Family fun day last sunday

Last Sunday Regan's Gramma Jodi and Grampa Bill came over to have a BBQ with Regan's Auntie Em, Auntie Jess and Auntie Bethany. What a great day :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So here it is...Just a taste of what is taking over our yard, POISON IVY!!! I just got a reash for the 3rd time! and it really sucks. It affects everyone different, my daughter gets it for a few days, but mine stays for 2 weeks, and it spreads every where. This is the second time I have had it on my face, and that really sucks. cause you can't wash it, cause you will spread it. Anyway. It is everywhere, and I already killed it once, it grows back. the only way to get rid of it, is too remove it, ALL. And i noticed that it is completly covered a tree on my side yard, but we dont go over there so I am not too worried, but it spreads and grows so fast that we eventually are gonna have to do something about that. :(

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


everyone is so fucking selfish. Get over yourselves. seriously.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Why I hate Direct TV

Despite problem after problem after problem, I have another problem. The current one is that we pay extra for HD programming for our living room HDTV. BUT upstairs on our shitty little tv with the little direct tv box, we get more channels. WHY??? Is that not ridiculous? I hate them, I really do. All I want to do is watch the Chiller channel. The 24/7 channel that only shows horror programs. Last night before I fell asleep, I started watching Friday the 13th, The Series! awesome. but i can't watch it on a big HD TV. Because Direct Tv says so.

~Perfect day for the kiddy pool~

After getting up at 6am, and Regan getting up at 7:30. (UGH) Regan and I tried to have yard sale....well only 3 people came BUT I made 40 bucks. So I think it was worth it. I am gonna take the rest to goodwill. I thought I had alot more junk, but then I remembered the almost 400 dollar bill from paying 1800 GOT JUNK to come pick up all the junk from our old house when we moved in October. Oh well, I could have sold it and made money instead of paying someone to haul it away. But when your buying and selling a house,and packing and moving, the LAST thing you feel like doing is having a yard sale

One of my bestest friends, Kathlene came over with her 3 kids to have a fun day playing outside in the shiny sun. Xavier (7) and Lydon (3) and the girl of the gang Kaylee (1) all put thier swimsuits on and headed right for the pool! They brought all sorts of goodies too, water guns (Regan is drinking water from hers in the picture, I totally remember doing that when I was a kid)

They brought tee ball and the best of all, freeze pops! yuuuummy as Regan said while she was eating her first ever freeze pop. I know I totally deprive her of the good things in life. But it really makes her appreciate them when she does get them. OH I can't forget the pita and hummus,falafal,baba, and tabouli Kathlene brought for lunch. YUMMY
After a long day of playing, and eating and playing more, Lydon decided it was time for the gang to go. (cute) and now,almost 9pm, you would think that Regan would have fallen asleep. But she has been in her big girl bed for an hour still playing, actually she is tickeling her bunny (bunbun) And she will probably fall asleep in 5 minutes :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I miss my husband :(

So my husband has been gone only for a week...and I won't see him til next month and it seems so far away. He is on tour (dates below) filming Lamb Of God. I really give credit to the people in the bands and thier wives/girlfrends and thier families..They are ALWAYS on tour. For the first couple years my husband went away, I was always jealous. In the beginning it was just back and forth across the USA. But now he goes all over the world. He has been to Japan 3 times now. And Australia a few times. And I am here in Jersey with our 2 year old daughter driving to Wal-mart and Wegmans.
NOW, 9 and a half years since we have been together, and he is still traveling alot. NOW, I know it's just as hard for him to be away, as it is for me not to have him here. And he's not even in the band! Those guys travel so much,and good thing they do because thier fans LOVE it.
I hope the guys give thier ladies the credit they deserve, because it is not easy without them around..(or maybe it is?)

Glasgow, Scotland
Tickets: TBA
With: Machine Head
Time: TBA

Sat Jun.09, 2007
Sheffield, UK
Tickets: TBA
With: TBA
Time: TBA

Sun Jun.10, 2007
Download, UK, Festival

Mon Jun.11, 2007
Metal Hammer Awards Show, UK

Tue Jun.12, 2007
Colchester, UK
Venue:Arst Centre,
Tickets: TBA
With: TBA
Time: TBA

Wed Jun.13, 2007
Helendoorn, Holland
Tickets: TBA
With: TBA
Time: TBA

Fri Jun.15, 2007
Hulsfred, Sweden, Festival

Sun Jun.17, 2007
Provinssi Rock, Finland, Festival

Wed Jun.20, 2007
Berlin, Germany
Venue:SO36/Columbia Club
Tickets: TBA
Time: TBA

Thu Jun.21, 2007
Venue:Tilburg 013
Tickets: TBA
Time: TBA

Fri Jun.22, 2007
Hellfest, France, Festival

Sat Jun.23, 2007
Grasspop, Belgium, Festival

Mon Jun.25, 2007
Hamburg, Germany
Tickets: TBA
Time: TBA

Wed Jun.27, 2007
Hove Festival, Norway, Festival

Thu Jun.28, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tickets: TBA
With:Chimaira, Unearth
Time: TBA

Fri Jun.29, 2007
Reload Festival/Twistringen, Germany, Festival

Sat Jun.30, 2007
Full Force, Germany, Festival

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Viva Pinata

Here is my new crochet creation, BUNNYCOMB. It is inspired by a video game my husband played that is actually intended for kids. Of course we are all kids at heart <3. Right now I am working on the pattern, and soon I will sell it on ETSY. So keep a look out. I am still trying to figureout how to create it in photoshop or illustrator...we shall see. There will be lots more to come!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A long fun filled friendly day.

Today Regan and I had lots of fun together. First we went to my moms house in Levittown, PA and hung around while she had a garage sale. We got there kinda late but there were still people coming and going. Around 1-ish we decided to stop by the "Art Star" craft fair and check it out. I was disappointed in the surroundings, mainly because Philly has gotten sooo much nicer looking since I moved there 10 years ago, and it being an outdoor event, I thought there would be a nice backdrop to the whole thing. I was also a little disappointed in the booths. (Maybe because I was denied to participate) But mostly because there wasn't that much diversity! It was almost ALL clothes and handbags/totes, and they all kinda looked the same. And I didn't want to pay almost 20 bucks for a tshirt for a 2year old, that wasn't anything special. I did however, buy an awesome painting that was done on a piece of wood. And I let Regan buy a little plushie toy. (18 bucks, yikes!) To me it also looked like they could have used another dozen or more booths, they had the room for it. Hopefully it will just get bigger and bigger cause Philly really needs it.

After spending about 25 minutes at the craft thing, we headed down to our old hood around 10th and Dickinson. Regan and I met up with Mike and Rachael and Anderson. I got a great panini and a latte at "Black and Brew" and we met the owner, who's name is also Regan! We ate outside and our friend Julie walks by with Ginger and Bonesy. We all hung out while Regan ate her huge muffin,while teasing the puppies with it. Then we went to Julie's house and hung out there for awhile and admired the Goldburg's newly renovated penthouse bathroom/bedroom suite. It is so beautiful and amazing I really just want to come over and hang out in there everyday. Even if I am by myself.