Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Here is my new bunnycomb. Feel free to buy her at my ETSY shop (click on a pick to the right) I will also make a custom one for you too if your interested just email me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


You can now purchase Truly Outrageous items at "Jinxed" on 4th and south street, Philadelphia, PA. They have many unique items such as clothes to limited edition toys. They have lots of books for any artist or an admirer of the truly bazaar. I love this store, and I am very excited they are now selling my stuffed toys and magnets and some of my own designed tees. BUT get them quick because the quantities are limited :) Every time I go there I come home with a bag full of goodies for myself. They also have great gifts for the holidays!!!!
Jinxed Clothing

620 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We are back!

(the first of 4 ferry boat rides)
After 10 days of great food, fun, a beautiful wedding, a moped ticket, and some straight up aggrivation and a little bit of pure hell, we are finally home from Martha's Vineyard safe and sound and VERY poor. The whole time I was there, I kept asking myself, Who is Martha, and where is the Vineyard? I never learned the answers to either question. Unfortunatly, I did learn that we where on a small island where EVERYONE had cars, so there was nowhere to park in any of the super tiny towns. We went to the movies and before it played they had some long commercial advertising the island and how they want you to donate money to them so they can continue thier lives here on the island....BUT I already learned that the locals HATE tourists.

At least everyone I encountered except for 1 guy selling tshirts who lives there with his family, and said that every winter his family tells him that they all want to leave the island for good. However, despite all that, we still had fun, especially at the beaches. We were on the hunt for the perfect sandy beach. But we heard the best one was one called "Gayhead" where all the nudists went. So that was out of the question with kids in tow! Instead we went to Lobsterville beach which was, from the look of it, just for the locals. But it was small and shallow and perfect for the kids despite all the rocks and sharp sea shells..oh and lots of seaweed.
The day before we left we found a good beach, called "State Beach". Apparently it was where Jaws was filmed. It was pretty cool, very busy, and there was a bridge that everyone was jumping off of into where the ocean meets the fresh water. I didn't jump though. I was a bit scared, even though there where kids as young as like 8 jumping off. The water was so warm, even though there was kinda big waves, it was the BEST beach experience I have ever had in my life! I was swimming wondering why I enjoyed it so much, and then I look over to Ron and say. " this is nothing like the jersey beaches" and we figured out why... because there isn't trash and drug needles swimming with us. I hope I don't sound bitter, we had a great time, a trip of a lifetime..cause we won't go there again.(JK) I am so glad we went there for a special wedding though, it was a great reason to go there. Doug kept telling me stories about the places he went to when his parents took him to MV when he was a kid. It was great that we got to take Regan to all the same places.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Our 2nd weekly craft night went off well. This time I made vegetarian tacos and Kat brought some toppings for us to make SUNDAES! Including my favorite, the hard shell. I love it, it was my favorite thing growing up, whenever we went for ice cream, i got mine dipped in hard shell. It's great when you can't lick the ice cream fast enough,instead of it dripping all over your hands, it melts in the hard shell :) Anyway. I have adapted the name "ice cream social" for our group of stitching bitches. Until we actually agree on a name. It has only been 1 week, well less than that, and I am so proud of how well everyone is doing. It took me awhile to get as good as they are getting, maybe cause they have a good teacher :) Kathlene and Kristie have completed thier scarves, and Anj already finished an Owl, from my pattern, and now is on to her own design of a cake. She kinda cheated though, because she came over on the weekend and I showed her how to crochet in the round. (sorry girls) Vicki, who came for the first time, worked on her key holder box. Shedoesn't want to be granny and learn to crochet.haha and with all of the other girls giving her peer pressure, I don't know if she is gonna come back. Or maybe she will comeback and decide to crochet. When I was 24 I had NO desire to learn to crochet. But I wish I did. See you girls when I get back from vaca!