Saturday, December 29, 2007


I have a major addiction..ETSY! I can not stop buying from it!! AHHHHHHHHH
here is what I bought within the last week or less :( :)

Wall Hanging Clock - Cuckoo Clock - Orange
from decoylab

1970s Retro OWL with Moons - Mounted Rubber Stamp
from sideshowstamps

Crocheting a Scarf - CROCHET KNIT CRAFT - Mounted Rubber Stamp
from sideshowstamps

1970s Retro OWL with flowers - Mounted Rubber Stamp
from sideshowstamps

1970s OWL BORDER - Owls Stacked on Tree Branches - Mounted Rubber Stamp
from sideshowstamps

Origami Crane necklace
from luxedeluxe

Vintage Childrens Art Animals Polka Dots Alphabet Scrapbook Accents
from candyconnection22

Animals in Love Vintage Valentine Images on CD Scrapbook Crafts
from candyconnection22

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Happy Christmas from ICS! We had our christmas party and exchanged gifts, and Kat showed Doug how to really bowl on the Wii.
haha All in all ,we all got great secret santa gifts and had a GREAT time...see you all next year girls! and hopefully we will have an edition to our group..ERIN!
oh, and check out Luckydog in the middle of us, he just had to be in the picture..haha

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a bunch of Dick's!

I would first like to start by saying that I have been in a GREAT mood! I love Christmas time, I love being happy and seeing other people happy. anyway, I went to Dick's today to return something and to buy a treadmill. ( I am sick of not fitting into my clothes!) So I am going to make this LONNNNNNG story short. I asked a salesperson to help me with buying a treadmill, he told me to take this form that he filled out with info and take it to the costumer service....I went there and was ignored by some lady with a stick up her ass. I'm not gonna go into what happened cause it is long and painful..bottom line, I left with an Eagles sweatshirt for myself..(from the exchange) and with NO treadmill cause the "Customer Service" wouldn't answer me and procceded to help 5 other people (who were there way after me) before I gave up and left. bottom line...they are a bunch of Dicks! actually just the one lady, the kids working there who probably get paid a ton less, were more helpful.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Musicians in the family

Here Kristie teaches Regan how to play drums, the guitar, and of course the great Zylaphone!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Squidfire Craft Fair

So we went to the Squidfire Art and craft show in Baltimore Maryland on Sunday. It took us just about 2 hours to get there.My sister, Rach and I had so much fun. First off I was toddler free, Regan spent the night at Gamie and Pop pops on saturday night because we were leaving at 8am....or supposed to anyway. So we went out to dinner saturday night and spent my wonderful gift of 100 dollar gift card complements of the cheesecake factory from having office supplies in our food....(see previous post for story)
We sipped mojitos...or gulped them and had great appitizers..the entrees were not so hot. Then Sunday morning, Kristie drove while Rach and I were getting a litlle scared of the city we saw when we got off the highway..I kept thinking..this could be really bad. (see photos)
BUT then we arrived at the Lyric opera house and were happy by the look of the neighborhood. It was a litlle intimidating since we had NO idea where we were or what was around. We didn't go get food all day cause didn't see anything in the 2 block radius that we had paid attention too. We did, however, have a major sugar rush fron only eating candy that Squidfire had given us as a treat. Thank god they gave us bottles of water too! THANKS!
So we set up the table with like 5 minutes to spare before the doors opened.( I took the photos before the doors opened. Our table is in the last picture in the left corner of the room) It was a very relaxed and happy place to have our very FIRST craft show:)
We met a few nice vendors and LOTS of great customers. I could not believe the great responses we had from people about all the toys I made. And most of the customers got stuff for themselves...not just for kids. It really was a great time. I sold a total of 599 dollars worth of stuff!! Anj sold a few things, people LOVED her hats but we didnt have enough space for all of everyones stuff.
My sister sold lots of scarves, which was amazing because every other person sold hats and scarves. I was just pleased that I made enough money to cover all my expenses, that's really all I care about. I learned alot of things too. I was surprised to see how many people take credit cards and checks. We did take checks, and hopefully it will pan out..hehe Maybe in the future we will use credit too. Alot of people didn't buy stuff for that reason :(

So I learned:
-always bring your own food and bottles of water.
-Be organized
-take credit and checks
-spell check your price signs..(haha, seriously how embarrassing)
-having 2 people to help is way better!
-and when you start selling things, DO NOT go walk around with money in your pockets...because you will spend it ALL..oops
at least they are all...mostly christmas presents:)
THANK you Kristie,Rach for helping me with everything.
THANK you Anj, for taking care of my puppies while we were gone and for being so supportive :)

next time...ICE CREAM SOCIAL needs to do a craft fair..with 2 tables!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting ready