Sunday, April 27, 2008

New supplies on ETSY

So I finally took some new photos of all the "animal safety eyes" that I have for sale on ETSY. It took me awhile, but I had so many wholesale and custom orders coming in that I didn't get around to it. Plus I have been shopping my Crochet book around to publishers, so that has been stressful. I decided to find a real awesome photographer, and I have to remake all the toys and send them to him so he can take some cool pics that I can put in place of all my photos. I am really excited because his work is amazing, and he is very artistic and has great ideas. SO making a whole inventory of my toys has been keeping me busy too.
I also have some great new craft eyes coming this week. I am so freaking excited that I can't contain myself. It is amazing what inspires you, ya know? I am getting pink owl eyes and all I can think of is how many things I want to make with them. (yeah)
So check back to see all my new eyes. You can use them for knitting, crocheting, and plush animals or dolls. They are really for all your crafts or dolls and teddy bears.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well I would like to start by saying, Thank you to the guy who really helped me try to fit a huge plastic pool into my minivan at Wal-Mart today. I really didn't think it was that big until I dragged it out to the car. I tried to bend it and push it to fit but it was just not going in. I was determined to bring it home after all, it was nice out, and it was the best way to distract my 3 year old so I could mow the yard. I had to go buy rope, but the nice guy in the parking lot ties the back door and the pool as tight as it would go. Luckily I was only going 3 or 4 lights away. I am sure I looked really stupid trying to do it myself, after all I am 41/2 months pregnant (although I just look fat according to my husband) I have a little girl with me, AND I am short. Sometimes I have to jump to grab the van hatch just to close it. They must have made those remote door closing systems for short people :)

SO THANK YOU, whoever you are.
Also I went to the city the other day to have lunch with my friend, and then we took my little one to the park. It was so nice to see that someone had left some change on the meter..WOW how nice! I decided to leave it there because maybe the next person would need it. But the 5 minutes later I watch from the playground as a meter maid writes me a ticket :( Not for an expired meter, but for expired inspection...OOps. You can blame that on my husband though.

OH and I still didn't get to mow the yard. I just can't do it anymore. It hurts my Uterus :(
And now I will leave you with a picture of my Hibiscus tree that I got last year for mothers day. sadly it didn't make it through the winter. But I was grateful for every day I got to see these beautiful flowers :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring is here

This week the weather was so great. Thank goodness it has been nicer because I have been going crazy in the house. I have just wanted to spend time outside in the sun. It was hot enough the other day that Regan got to wear her bathing suit and played in the sprinkler...all day. We even cleaned out the shed, which had stuff left over in it from the previous owners of junk from when they redid the house. I still want it to be nicer though, so I can feel comfortable enough to bring out the cushions for the chairs. I still feel like it's not real.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Looong time, no blog.

Sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been having a rough pregnancy, to say the least. I have had all day and night morning sickness, and total exhaustion. All I wanted to do was sleep. I would try to eat, but everything made me sick. I actually lost about 7 pounds. I started getting really worried. But finally I feel better, and I am excited to eat everything :)
But then my doctor tells me, after my ultrasound, that I have "Placenta Previa" She tells me nothing about it except that it means my placenta is attached at the lower part of uterus and is covering the cervix. She tells me that I have to go to a specialist in a few weeks to see exactly whats going on. If it is still as it appears, then I need a C- Section. Which is fine. But of course, in this day in age, all I have been doing is researching it on the internet. Which is a HORRIBLE idea! For any medical research, really. You find the worst of the worst things that could happen. Then I start freaking out and start crying at what "could" happen. I am of course upset, you never want to hear that there is something wrong with your pregnancy. And luckily I have been going back to the secret, which is helping me through it. But it is so hard to think positive when such horrible things may happen. I just keep thinking positive and I started imagining my placenta correct itself. Which, on the internet, I found does happen most of the time. And even though this happens to only 1 in 200 pregnancies, it only stays in about .05% of the pregnancies by the time the baby is born. So that is great news! I just hope and pray that the baby is getting everything it needs through the placenta, and the embilical cord. I know the baby will be fine in my heart. I just have to keep reminding myself that.

In other news, I have not written my gratitute blogs. I have been writing them down in my book though. To help me think about them, and truly be thankful. Of course I am thankful that I have a healthy little girl, and a healthy husband. I am truly thankful that my husband has a job he was born to do...OH speaking of which, we went to a movie premiere of a documentary he worked on. "Hori Smoku" The life and times of Sailor Jerry. One of the most known and pioneering tattoo artists of the U.S. It was at a theatre in center city, philly, and it was really awesome. To see his name on the big screen...WOW. It just makes me melt with how proud I am of him, and of everything he has accomplished in his over 10 years of filming/editing...etc.

So the last thing I want to be thankful for, today, is the 4 hours of Beverly Hills 90210. It's on from 8-12 noon on saturday mornings on the Soap net channel. I look forward to waking up early every weekend just to watch. Even though right now they are on their 2nd year of college..booring, and I hate these episodes when Dylan goes back to drinking and is broke cause his step mom ripped him off....I still watch and think about how we used to talk about this in Jr. High. If you missed an episode, you were totally screwed the next day in class.

I am truly thankful for everything I have in my life. My family, my house, my great friends, my growing business, and the fact that I am alive, healthy and happy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.