Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Internet Buy- Hoodie

I spend alot of time online, between selling, buying and just plain being bored. I buy ALOT of stuff online. Almost all my gifts for people I buy online. The one thing I never buy online is clothes. They never fit right or once I get them they are not at all what I though I was buying. So years ago, I gave up trying to buy clothes. But the other day I decided to reorganize my closet since my husbands clothes were piled on top of mine. Being a stay at home mom, I pretty much end up wearing sweatpants and my favorite thing of all time- hoodies! So I looked at my 15 tshirts hanging in my closet- all black of course, except 1 or 2 gray ones- my attempt at color in my wardrobe, and it looked pathetic. I have probably twice as many hoodies- almost all black with a few pink ones and some cute summer ones....but the cute ones don't fit me anymore since having my son. So when I saw the picture of this hoodie- I HAD to have it, and it was a size large! anything cute I find online is always an xtra small :( Even stuff on ETSY- mostly smalls or mediums, and for the record I usually wear a medium but American Apparel size mediums are like an xtra small in reality- I can't even get the mediums over my chest- which isn't that big. ANYWAY I had to buy this- I got it the next day in the mail and I flipped out when I put it on, and it fit- comfortably! Of course I had to find the creators website and emailed her about how happy I was.
Thank you Holly- You ROCK! OH i forgot to mention, houndstooth is my favorite print of all time- that and Plaid! & my favorite colors- pink and teal... and look at this hoodie- it was made for me! I swear.

OH I don't want to forget- I bought it from Art Star....
I like them but 250 dollars for a table to sell at a craft fair is a little crazy don't you think? Maybe I am just sad because I don't have that much money :( Oh well.

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