Saturday, June 16, 2007

My new garden

So this is part of my yard that was a total disaster, I should have taken a picture of it before the before because it had those huge paving stones all in a rectangle with a huge metal dog cage with over gown weeds and squirrel traps and even a bone skeleton of a squirrel. But we had the cage removed ahile ago, and we had a tree cut down and all the paver stones removed when the first picture was taken.

Then they came in and grinded the stumps down and rototilled the area that is spray painted.

AFTER, I planted a bunch of shady flowers and plants, with Regans help, and placed the pavers around, mostly to keep the dogs away...we will see how well that works. I am so excited to watch the garden grow! I still need topsoil and mulch but the flowers were alot more expensive than i thought they would be, so I can;t afford it yet. Hopefully the flowers won't die before than....Eventually I want to do the whole area that is surrounded by the sidewalk, and have the paver stones lead a little path through the whole thing. But maybe next year we will start the other half of the garden. I am still trying to battle with my grass. It's not very happy :( And we had the about a dozen tree stumps grinded on the side of the house. It looks like a off road bike track because its huge mounds of dirt everywhere. I'm sure my neighbors aren't too thrilled with the way it looks. it looks SCARY. But I can't really clean it up because it's next to a busy road, and my daughter would probably run right into the street if i turned my back for a second. I will have to wait for another 2 weeks for Doug to come home. Hopefully it doesn't rain before than because it would be a HUGE mess if it did.

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