Saturday, June 9, 2007

~Perfect day for the kiddy pool~

After getting up at 6am, and Regan getting up at 7:30. (UGH) Regan and I tried to have yard sale....well only 3 people came BUT I made 40 bucks. So I think it was worth it. I am gonna take the rest to goodwill. I thought I had alot more junk, but then I remembered the almost 400 dollar bill from paying 1800 GOT JUNK to come pick up all the junk from our old house when we moved in October. Oh well, I could have sold it and made money instead of paying someone to haul it away. But when your buying and selling a house,and packing and moving, the LAST thing you feel like doing is having a yard sale

One of my bestest friends, Kathlene came over with her 3 kids to have a fun day playing outside in the shiny sun. Xavier (7) and Lydon (3) and the girl of the gang Kaylee (1) all put thier swimsuits on and headed right for the pool! They brought all sorts of goodies too, water guns (Regan is drinking water from hers in the picture, I totally remember doing that when I was a kid)

They brought tee ball and the best of all, freeze pops! yuuuummy as Regan said while she was eating her first ever freeze pop. I know I totally deprive her of the good things in life. But it really makes her appreciate them when she does get them. OH I can't forget the pita and hummus,falafal,baba, and tabouli Kathlene brought for lunch. YUMMY
After a long day of playing, and eating and playing more, Lydon decided it was time for the gang to go. (cute) and now,almost 9pm, you would think that Regan would have fallen asleep. But she has been in her big girl bed for an hour still playing, actually she is tickeling her bunny (bunbun) And she will probably fall asleep in 5 minutes :)

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