Thursday, June 21, 2007

Regan's Last day at "My Gym"

Regan's God mother, Sarah, and one of my bestest friends EVER, and I went to Regan's last day at "My Gym". I think we are gonna wait til the fall to join again because I think she got a little bored of it. And after paying 175$ you want your kid to have fun. She did have fun, but she started refusing to participate in the group activities. She did really good when we first joined 2 sessions ago, but once she learned everything, she got tired of it and stopped doing it. oh well, maybe we will try another gym :)
And I have to say that Sarah is such a great friend. She drove all the way down here from Syracuse, NY, about a 4 and half hour drive, just to help me with cleaning and to watch Regan so I could run errands! Because nobody else would help, she did. I am about to start crying now because it really touched my heart. That's when you know who really cares about you. Someone who would do anything for you, even drive that far away, there and back, by themselves, and do it with a smile :)
Thanks Sarah, for being there for me and bringing me some motivation to keep moving on until Doug returns. Thanks for buying me food, twice (jerk!) and for helping me, and for making me cry, all in the matter of 2 days! I LOVE YOU!

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