Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NO computer!!

Do you know what its like NOT to have your computer working? You don't think you rely on it that much, right? Well, I had the experience. My computer froze, so I restarted it, and there was nothing left. All I got was a gray screen........All my information, all my wonderful photos of daughter, everything, was gone! What is worse is that my computer, Macbook, is only months old. SO you would think, it has years of good life in it, WRONG. The hard drive "failed" so everything was gone. And you would think, since it was a hardware problem, that Apple would attempt to retrieve my information, complamentary. well, they said it would cost around 800 dollars ans up to get my prescious information,pictures,files etc. back. No thanks.What a great company, huh?

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kristie lee krause said...

oh no! nenny i'm so sorry!!! I would be know that. I'm proud of you for being the calm creature that you are. don't worry I have tons of back up images of ray ray...although i know it's not the same. Has sara arrived yet? have a glass of wine with your bff!