Saturday, June 2, 2007

A long fun filled friendly day.

Today Regan and I had lots of fun together. First we went to my moms house in Levittown, PA and hung around while she had a garage sale. We got there kinda late but there were still people coming and going. Around 1-ish we decided to stop by the "Art Star" craft fair and check it out. I was disappointed in the surroundings, mainly because Philly has gotten sooo much nicer looking since I moved there 10 years ago, and it being an outdoor event, I thought there would be a nice backdrop to the whole thing. I was also a little disappointed in the booths. (Maybe because I was denied to participate) But mostly because there wasn't that much diversity! It was almost ALL clothes and handbags/totes, and they all kinda looked the same. And I didn't want to pay almost 20 bucks for a tshirt for a 2year old, that wasn't anything special. I did however, buy an awesome painting that was done on a piece of wood. And I let Regan buy a little plushie toy. (18 bucks, yikes!) To me it also looked like they could have used another dozen or more booths, they had the room for it. Hopefully it will just get bigger and bigger cause Philly really needs it.

After spending about 25 minutes at the craft thing, we headed down to our old hood around 10th and Dickinson. Regan and I met up with Mike and Rachael and Anderson. I got a great panini and a latte at "Black and Brew" and we met the owner, who's name is also Regan! We ate outside and our friend Julie walks by with Ginger and Bonesy. We all hung out while Regan ate her huge muffin,while teasing the puppies with it. Then we went to Julie's house and hung out there for awhile and admired the Goldburg's newly renovated penthouse bathroom/bedroom suite. It is so beautiful and amazing I really just want to come over and hang out in there everyday. Even if I am by myself.

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