Wednesday, April 1, 2009


First Iwould like to say this is why Etsy sucks....because it sucks all your money before you even make a sale. herre is what I paid this month Total payments: $117.03 BOOOOOOOOO!
Anyway on to more positive things :) I just opened a new Etsy and Art Fire store called "Cupcake Social" Obviously selling things having to do with cupcakes. I finally invested in a scale to weigh my packages accuratly so I can ship more things from home. Unfortunatly things have been going from at the post office so if I ship with tracking at least there will be some record of it. My buddy at the post office tells me they are doing alot of lay offs and things are backing up and getting delayed. I had a recent package take over a month to get to its owner which is a little crazy. Another one got lost, I think, I sent her another one which she should have gotten but she is probably so mad at me. It sucks that it makes me look bad when the packages go through so many hands before it actually gets delivered. Did you hear about the post lady that got a storage locker to put all the mail she was supposed to deliver in....She forgot to pay the storage fee 1 month and they opned it up and found thousands of undelivered letters and packages! I think it was like Indiana or something. That sucks! AANYWAY I am totally excited about the cupcake store. I am planning a cupcake decorating party on sunday with my friends to test all the products and take cool photos to list online. So here are a few pics- we got the mini pink danish baking cups with shiny gold designs, There are one of my favorites- Pink floral shabby sheik cupcake liners and then super cute red, blue and orange swirl cupcake liners!

Of course I prefer the artfire store...NO FEES!!

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