Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love coupons!

Ever since I watched an episode of Oprah with the coupon mom on, I have been hooked on saving money with coupons. At first I only saved like 10 bucks here, then the next time, the savings kept going up and up... I keep breaking my record of money saved every time I go shopping. This last time I figured it was good enough to share with you...Since, I, unlike other people online, ONLY buy food that we normally eat, I don't buy things just because they are on sale, and I don't revolve my dinner plans around what is the cheapest. That is probably why people save more on their bills, because they only buy things on sale. I am just trying to get what we normally eat, for a cheaper price.

It has been great, because I read that you are supposed to "stock up" on the things while they are on sale for the lowest price. I have been doing that with the foods we eat on a regular basis and it has been awesome. I couldn't go shopping for a whole month because with a newborn, and a 4 year old it was just too much to handle. But it didn't matter because I had such a great stock pile of food that I didn't need to. We drink soy milk so I had 3 or 4 cartons of it, and I might have told the hubby to get bread on his way home from work once.
Anyway it really makes a difference too, when now, I go to the store only when the stuff I want is on sale, even if I don't really need it at that moment. I no longer have to budget a huge amount of money for grocery shopping, because now I only have to buy necessities, (bread, milk, or fresh fruit and veggies)

SO here are some pictures from my best grocery trip to date. My bill was 191 and I saved $58.76! almost 60 bucks!! You can do so much with an extra 60 bucks! like buy really expensive formula for my little guy..oh well, I can start putting the saved money in a savings account when he's done drinking formula, wouldn't that be a great way to put money into your savings account. Because it's money that you would have spent anyway!

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Kat said...

i love coupons too... great job!check out this blog...