Friday, April 24, 2009

Gratitute Fridays

Hello everyone....or no one. Well this sure was a busy busy week! My friend, that I have known since high school cam and stayed for awhile since the hubby had to take a long trip. I had,what was supposed to be a few cavities filled, but turned into a horrible mess because I waited to long. I now have to get a crown, and maybe another one after that is done. What sucks is I don't have dental insurance ;( anyway, I started getting a million orders from my ETSY shop
and I couldn't figure out why...until someone had sent me a message telling me I was on a highlight from Etsy's website..they call it the storque...I have no idea why, and I never "hang out" online to read all the crap they say anyway. Of course I looked, and it was a great article, but I had already seen it on the Martha Stewert show like last year or it isn't totally original idea for them to feature it...but still good! AND THANK YOU!
Anyway I though I would show you some pictures I hung up awhile ago on my stairway. We have lived in this house for over 2 years now, and I haven't really decorated that much because I figured we will live her for the rest of our lives, so I have plenty of time to decide exactly where I want things to go. In our old house, we had for 5 years, I painted every wall at least 2 or 3 times...the living room had about 5 to 6 colors of paint on it until I decided...right before we sold the house, that I would paint it a textured sand paint by Ralph Lauren....It truly was awesome! Expensive, also since i had to do alot of coats of it but it looked so rich and fancy, and really fit the house well....I havent painted this house still- except my daughters room,playroom and our bedroom because they use to be poop colors! gross! ( it was that color when we moved it!) anyway I thought I would show you some newly decorated walls from my daughters room with some art prints from The Black Apple on her yellowish walls.....

and then a pic of the hall way....

and a close up of a picture I LOVE which is my husband when he was a baby, and his father...which also shows why I had to buy this print from the black apple below it....look similar? anyway I will put that in my son's room when it is ready for wall decorations.

ALSO if you can see the plant that is there...that is a plant I have had since I moved out of my mom's house when I was 17 years old...I'm 31 now, so it's been awhile..It was part of a plant my mom had since she was in her school days...It lives and grows, I have since took a piece of it and gave it to our old roomate- who will be moving into their very own first house! I hope they pass the tradition on to their kids too, if they have some...they better!

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