Saturday, May 19, 2007

Target and SLIM FAST

So I went to target yesterday to try to find shoes for a wedding we are going to tomorrow. And of course buy diapers and stuff like that. I LOVE Target, and I know you do too. It's awesome, even though they didn't have any shoes in my size left. oh well. My 2 year old daughter Regan was with me, and was pretty good.But for some reason when we get to the check out she always gets a little nuts. So I am wrestling with her, trying to make her happy so I can put the stuff on the counter. I eventually do that and wait while the lady rings my stuff up. I get too distracted to see what she is doing, besides gossip with her co-worker that is also rigning someone else up. I am watching my daughter to make sure she doesn't run away. Then I pay the bill and leave.
I don't notice til I get home, but one of my bags is really heavy. I open it up and see that there are 2 6-packs of slim fast shake, which I didn't have in my cart. I look on my bill, and I did pay for them. HUH I thought...OH, It was the ladies in front of me. I don't know if she changed her mind or if the lady forgot to bag them. Either way, I took it as a sign. All I have been doing the past week was complain about how much wieght I gained. We just moved to the burbs after living in the city of philadelphia for the past 10 years. I no longer walk to the grocery store,CVS, or south street just to get something to eat. I no longer have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to reach my bedroom. So as a result, I have gained a little over 10 pounds. And for a short girl, that's not so good.
SO I decided to take this sign and run with it. I will now be on the slim fast diet plan. Which is good because we have another wedding to go to in August at Marthas Vineyard and I don't want to be seen in any type of bathing suit at this weight. YIKES. I am actually thinking about getting a full piece bathing suit because my stomach hasn't really looked the same after having a baby..Damn stretch marks. No matter how much palmers cocoa butter I used, it still didnt work. But I did get the most beautiful little girl in the world :)

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