Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Longwood Gardens on Memorial Day

So I noticed while looking at all the pictures I took at the gardens, that the most beautiful things I took pictures of, weren't flowers at all, but all these neat,luscious shades of green, and wonderful textures of leaves. I have some more, I will post later, but I think these are some of my favorites. We went there with Mike and Rach. Anderson was supposed to come but made up some lame excuse. (sorry der) I think it was the walking in the sun that scared him off. So we spent hours just walking around and looking at all these pretty things. You can't help but feel relaxed and happy. Then we took a break and had a little picnic on the grass under a tree, that overlooked a small lake. We continued to walk around and take breaks here and there, and literally, stopped to smell the roses. haha

We (me and Doug) got some wine and beer, being served from a cart, and we all went to sit down on our blanket, to wait for the huge fireworks display. Everything just couldn't have been better. Life was great. We had a little bit of time to wait and then it started lighting. UHOH So they told everyone to go indoors to the conservatory to wait and see when the storm will pass. Thank goodness we found like an employee break room that had AC and hung out there. I didn't want to wait in the greenhouse! So we all just waited and waited. Meanwhile everyone that has internet access on thier cell phones, started looking up the weather.

We probably waited about an hour and they started the fireworks at 10:15pm. Regan, who is 2yrs old, was tired at this point. BUT she was soooo excited when they started the fireworks. For some reason she LOVES to be scared. The fireworks lasted about 45 minutes and was linked with the water fountains which had colored gels, AND the best part, it was all done while going along with music from soundtracks of Indiana Jones,E.T. , Star Wars and some others I can't seem to remember. But it was the most amazing display of fireworks I have ever seen! And I think we will do this EVERY year. What a great experience.

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