Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So my friend Dana had her baby on Friday via C-section and we went to visit her on sunday. She is the freakin cutest thing ever. So perfect in every single way. Her name is Kyrie- I don't know if I spelled that right- but she was an angel and I had to beg my husband to let me hold her. She was so cute and tiny- it's hard to believe that we were once that little. wow. Regan was really excited that her baby came out and she couldn't wait to touch her soft skin. She kept saying how cute she was and she has been calling her "sister" since Dana was pregnant. She was a little too cared to hold her, I don't know if she really understood that it's a little baby- and she is gonna grow. But she was so excited either way.
On our way home from Allentown,PA we stopped off at this place called Yucco's that had hotdogs and stuff...I was scared to eat there, but it was freaking great, Doug was in total heaven and got 2 hot dogs, and fried periogies. Regan was so cute- some guy gave her a photo he took of a panda bear,which he sells online- she loved it and would not let go of it.

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