Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today my husband got a surprise in the mail, the new Lamb Of God DVD that he worked on for the past 2 years. YEAH! We are going to the premiere in NYC next week, and I can not wait!
Sorry I havent written in a while, but my husband was in the hospital for 4 days, having surgeries on his kidney...they had to put a tube in his back and go through it to try to break up the stones in there. They got some of them out, but there was more at the top, so they had to put a new tube in higher up, so now he has a tube about 5 inches long sticking out of his back. They would do the next surgery in a week or 2 but Doug has to go out on the road to work for a bit, so he is gonna do it after. plus he can't miss his movie premiere in NYC, seriously!! anyway i got a present too in the mail :) a check for my consignment stuff at "The Curiosity Shoppe" in Philly. THANK YOU! I am working on more stuff for them too right now...almost ready. I have to plan my trips to philly correctly because I always get a freaking parking ticket, no matter what! I think I am just gonna park at my secret spot from now's fool proof for no tickets, no meters, and no high parking garage fees..hehe it's my secret :)
so anyway, go out and buy the new dvd my husband and his company worked on, even if you hate the music- you will LOVE the documentary, behind the scenes footage. Pure entertainment. seriously.

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