Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank you

This friday I truly have alot to be thankful for.I am so truly thankful that my husband has a great job and that I am able to stay home with my daughter, and my soon to be baby boy. I am so truly thankful to have health insurance and that my husband can get the medical help he needs. I am so thankful for everything we have, things like our house, and everything in it, but also the great friends we have that are always there for us.
I took this picture because I remember not so long ago, living int he city, that we didn't have a tree to call our own. It sounds so stupid, but I looked up and saw this branches, and I notice when they grow, I notice when they get berries on them, I notice when the leaves change color, and then fall to the ground. Living in the city, we were lucky to see the leaves change colors, because you just don't get the same effect as you do in the suburbs. So I am thankful for having trees, and grass, and flowers, that I can all my own :) thank you

I also want to announce that today I made my 500th SALE on ETSY!!

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