Sunday, April 27, 2008

New supplies on ETSY

So I finally took some new photos of all the "animal safety eyes" that I have for sale on ETSY. It took me awhile, but I had so many wholesale and custom orders coming in that I didn't get around to it. Plus I have been shopping my Crochet book around to publishers, so that has been stressful. I decided to find a real awesome photographer, and I have to remake all the toys and send them to him so he can take some cool pics that I can put in place of all my photos. I am really excited because his work is amazing, and he is very artistic and has great ideas. SO making a whole inventory of my toys has been keeping me busy too.
I also have some great new craft eyes coming this week. I am so freaking excited that I can't contain myself. It is amazing what inspires you, ya know? I am getting pink owl eyes and all I can think of is how many things I want to make with them. (yeah)
So check back to see all my new eyes. You can use them for knitting, crocheting, and plush animals or dolls. They are really for all your crafts or dolls and teddy bears.

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