Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok. I am going to start saying thank yous on fridays. It is a good thing to do, and I saw another lady doing something like it on her blog, what a great idea! anyway.I don't know why I thought of this..BUT I would like to thank the universe for not ruining my 700 dollar brand new (at the time) digital camera that I stupidly left outside on a the pouring rain. That happened last spring time, i think. I had only had the camera for a few weeks, maybe. I was taking tons of photos outside of my little one, and of flowers and basically everything. Then I guess I got distracted and came inside and never looked back, until the next day when i was looking for it and couldnt find it. YIKES! I totally freaked out when I saw it on the table in the yard..and the rain was pouring down on it. Well I have to say THANKS to NIKON for making a freaking awesome product. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. I honestly can't believe it. And thank you! OH and thank you to Tokidoki..I am so obseesed. I found this today.

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