Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year, New designs.

I just had to make a ballerina for my daughter. All she does is pretend she is dancing on her tippy toes and twirl around like a princess. I used a stitch to make it look like she really had knee high socks on. I think it's so freakin cute, I could never sell it. It was nice to actually take time and make something with little details like that. I am now working on (still) my art show pieces. Hopefully I will be able to show them by January 25th! At the Curiosity shop on 4th and south street..philadelphia. We shall see :) OH Regan got her xylophone yesterday and she is so psyched. She was jammin like crazy. SO CUTE

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Girlafraid75 said...

This is the cutest bear!!!! I can't wait for Regan to play me a song! Nice job Jen!!!!!!!!!