Monday, January 14, 2008

The Art of Crochet and Life.

So I have been working on "art" pieces to hopefully get a gallery opening sometime soon, maybe within the year. I have this huge peacock, that I made for a customer on ETSY, but since my computer crashed right after, and I lost all my info on my harddrive, I have no idea who it was, or how to contact her. So I guess I will just hold onto it for a gallery, and maybe she will find me in the future. It really is a work of art. And I think my background of all the mixtures of art I have done really came in handy for it. Along with the fact that my dad is macgyver. (not the tv show one...long story, but it's true) ANYWAY.
I have been piss poor and have been working my ass off. Something just doesnt feel right. I have been looking for a "real" job but it's hard finding a job when your resume says "stay at home mom" and your last job was a tattoo artist for 5 years. I think people look at that and automatically assume that I don't fit into a "real" job. I can't go back to tattooing, not only did I sell all my equiptment, but we moved away from where I used to work. Not to mention there is no daycare from noon to midnight! My husband travels like 4 months out of the year, so I am basically a single parent for that time. I could get a shitty job..but then after paying for daycare, I am lucky if I make 20 bucks a week. What is a woman to do???!!!!! Forget about going back to school. Which is what I really want to do. I have a degree in Photography...and I love working in a darkroom..oh wait everything is digital,give it to me now! OK..So I did apply at the portrait Walmart. and the "employee" test..It states. You may not have a goatee or beard, or visible tattoo or piercings.. WOW I thought people were over all that bullshit, guess not. I can hide mine anyway. just longsleeves,and collar shirts..all year around..but they didn't call me anyway.
I thought about applying at hot topic..afterall im tattooed and know a little bit about music. Maybe if I tell them how cool my husband is, they will hire me...BUT WAIT. its minimum wage..right. BUT I could walk there if there was a crazy snow storm. That is a good employee..I guess I will continue to fill out applications at the mall, and keep creating stuff, and keep picturing myself win the lottery for a million bucks.:)
OH in case your wondering why we are so poor...some asshole at my husbands previous job embezzled money and ripped off all the employees, and clients..for more than half a mil. and since he kept the insurance premium money instead of paying the insurance company....they canceled our policy for a year earlier..oh and my husband had 3 or 4 surgeries in that time..So now we owe the hospital 72,000 bucks. And our lawyer says we can't go after "asshole" cause the IRS already has him, and he has nothing to begin with. When I do win the lottery, I will sue his ass off, just to put him in jail, i dont care if i get a penny out of him. I just think he deserves to rot in jail.
OK now with all that bull out of the way, I can think positive and in vision myself happy, healthy, and independantly wealthy. :)

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