Wednesday, October 10, 2007


(my most recent ETSY purchase)
I have become obsessed with Etsy, as many other people have also. I have bought way too much stuff, and plan to buy even more :) Last year I gave books and homemade baked goods as christmas gifts. This year, it will be either books (The Green Book, or The Secret. If you don't own them, you MUST) OR items from Etsy. I have already thought about what to get people...if anything. We just recently paid off our credit card debt (all 11,000 dollars) with a home equity loan. We still have monthly payments, but we will save money in the long run. ANYWAY. would you rather get a crappy gift, that your friend will end up in debt over, or something hand made, from the heart...that will be cheap? Well, after wasting all this money on gifts, year after year, I am so done with buying crappy gifts. I think what did it was one year my husband and I spent soooo much money on christmas gifts for my mom, and the next summer she sold it all at a yard sale. SO think twice before you buy something stupid, just so you have something to give. If they don't like the gift of you just being there, than they don't deserve even that!

ANYWAY, the point of this post was that I am about to hit the big 100 on my ETSY site. So far I have sold 96 items :) YEAH!!!!!!
but for some reason I have nothing to show for it :( I need to stop going to AC Moore. I buy everything because it's so cute! I can't help it, I have a major addiction. SO what should my SALE be once I sell 100 items? I thought of buy one get one free..but I just don't know.

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