Monday, October 8, 2007


(Vicky and Joe when we all went to the zoo)

Congrats to Vicky and Joe on being engaged!!!!!!!

Here is what she writes.....

Fureal. After 5 1/2 years.

It was really awesome.

We climbed up these massive hills called King Arthurs Seat, legend is, he was buried there. Anyway, these hills overlook all of edinburgh, scotland. So we almost made it to the top when i got an asthma attack, bugged out, cried about it, and plopped myself down. We ate dinner as the sun went down. Then he proposed. It was amazing. Afterwards, we were walking down and lost our path in the dark. We ended up on a wet and muddy path. We fell onto our backs a good 5 times, gave up, and slid on our butts down the whole hill. haha. I will post pix when I get home. Of our view, of course, not sliding down on our butts, cause we were too worried about getting down in one piece.

OH, and Did I mention, I saw her ring today, it is AMAZING! It is a heart shaped diamond! One of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen...I'm jealous. What a lucky girl :)
(good job Joe)


Doug said...

JEALOUS!!!!!!???????!!!!!! That's not designed to make me feel good!

I didn't have any money or job when I proposed to you, damn it! :(

Jenifer said...

oh stop, I LOVE my Tiffany ring :)

Victoria said...


i love your tiffany ring, too!!!!