Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weekend in NYC (Saturday)

This weekend I went up to New York City for my friend Claire's Bachlorette party. My friend Sarah drove down to my house and we took the train to Trenton, and transfered to make our way to Penn Station. This pic is us on the train :) cheeese

We stayed at the "Hotel Pennsylvania" which is across the street from Penn station.This pic was my famous "self portrait through the mirror of the hotel" photograph. For some reason I do it in every hotel I stay at. I really don't know why. But I like it.

When we got into the city, the first thing we wanted to do was have lunch. So we cabbed it down to a "hip" area....'I forget what its called, of course. That's why I have to take pictures of everything, cause it's the only way I can remember ANYTHING! It is really sad, but I was dropped and fell too many times on my head. :( anyway, we walked around and I noticed a place we ate at before for my other friends Sue's bachlorette party. Zen palette was for lunch.

First we shared an order of steamed dumplings. YUMMY!

Then we shared an entree, and of course, because I didn't write it down, I cant remember what we got. I told Sarah to pick it out because I knew no matter what we got, it would taste awesome. And this dish did not let me down. I am so glad I don't live in NYC cause I would eat out every single meal.

After a perfect lunch, we alked around and did a little shopping...well we basically spent like 45 minutes in one clothing store called Zara, which it was my first time. I actually bought 2 shirts, which I will probably bring to Martha's Vineyard for the wedding.
We made our way back to the hotel to get ready for the bachlorette dinner, and party. I was so excited to get in cabs cause I really wanted to be on that show "Cash Cab" that airs on the discovery channel. No such luck though. It is probly better off anyway because Doug said I wouldn't know any answers.HAHA He is totally right. So there are no pictures of the party because I didn't bring my camera. I didn't want to get it stolen or get beer poured on it. We did bring Sarah's little point and shoot though, and got some great pics. I can't believe I was out til 3:30 AM, and it didn't even feel like it til the next morning when I was in pain from walking around so much in wedge heels.
The theme for the night was..."It's just around the corner" But after the third bar, I finally realized, it wasn't around the corner. It was still a great time with GREAT friends. I LOVE them.
(Sunday pics I will post tomorrow, or the next day:)
(Is anyone reading this anyway??)

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