Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weekend in NYC (Sunday)

Sunday we were woken up around 8am or so by the housekeeper vacuuming outside our door. Sarah quickly got up to ask her nicely to stop. She did, but the damage was done. Neither of us could fall back asleep, which sucked since we didn't go to sleep til around 4am. It was still great because we got to chit chat all morning.

Here is the floor. Isn't it such a great picture? I really dont know why I like it. But I do.

And of course the picture in the mirror. duh

Here is a picture I had to take while crossing the street. It's Shepard Fairey. My FAVORITE artist EVER. You can tell from just walking into my house. I think my husband almost died a few years ago when he saw I had bought a limited edition print for 400 bucks. But I love love love it.

So we made our way to brunch with Grez and Claire..The soon to be husband and wife :) What a cute place to have brunch. I loved the environment, and of course I loved the food too. I never had a mexican brunch before. I had (pic below) crab cake benedict. And I guess it really made an impression on me because I actually remember what it was. And you can also see, I ordered my first bloody mary. I always wanted to try it because it was my mom's drink on the weekends, I will never forget when we went on vacation in our younger years and my mom always drank these in the mornings. I never knew why she started drinking so I know why. Someone told me it helps with hangovers. I took one sip of my bloody mary, and I felt it in my stomach for like 15 minutes. So I ate some of the celery instead and gave up on it. I just can't handle that stuff. Next time I will order a mimosa.

Then we walked around and went shopping. We went to this toy store Sarah kept talking about called "Toy Tokyo" It was AWESOME! I loved it and spent a bunch of money there. They have great prices too. I bought a big "gloomy" bear for Regan there for 15 bucks...After I already bought a "gloomy" bear a LOT smaller at another place for the same price :( But I had to buy this one becasue it was green plaid..OK maybe I really bought it for myself.

I walked in this place because it looked familiar. I have to be right on this..This has to be the same EXACT store they used to have in NEW HOPE, PA. Because I used to go there all the time growing up when we were sick of South street. I mean, it was layed out exactly the same, with the same vibe and everything. I would have asked someone but I was way too busy looking at stuff. I would have bought some of it, if I didn't already spend all my money at the toy store.

DUH mirror shot again, at the tattoo shop Claire works at called "Fun City"

Hungry again..this time tator tots. yum. yes, it's called "Eat Me"(oh, we came here after eating ice cream and talk about a vacation)

after eating we walked around the park and looked at the doggies in the dog park. soo cute. and then sat and relaxed until we had to take a cab back to the hotel.

We made it back to the hotel and picked up our luggage and headed for the train to go home. I had such a great time. It was also my first night away from baby..well 2 year old, Shes still a baby to me. Doug did well by himself, despite turning his back for a second and turning back around only to see Regan trying to paint her own toe nails on the carpet, while the BLACK nailpolish is oozing out of the bottle onto the brand new tan carpet. opps. Life happens, there is nothing else to do but laugh at it. ;)

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