Monday, July 2, 2007

Pretty Pretty

My pretty Zinnias started blooming, and they are so pretty. And the day before Doug came home, my Hibiscus tree had 7 blooms in 1 day! I never would have thought to take a picture while it was raining out, but I am so glad I did. I noticed the hibiscus tree blooms, and the next day the bloom falls off. It constantly blooms, but only a few at a time. So when I had 7 blooming flowers at the same time, I was so excited! I love waking up in the morning, start making coffee, letting the dogs out the back door, and seeing all the beautiful colors. It is so amazing. It makes me really hate winter now. :(
Today I was mowing the lawn, and Regan was eating some goldfish crackers. I took a break to get some water and Regan started saying "come here butterfy, come here butterfy." And I didn't know why she was saying that,s o I started playing along. Then I started watering the flowers on the deck, and I see...A Beautiful Butterfly! And I actually had enough time to grab my camera and take a picture before it flew away. We have gotten alot of all white butterflies since I planted flowers, but this one was an absolute treat. How amazing.:)

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