Friday, February 1, 2008

Gratitude Fridays

So Today, after endlessly searching the internet for help for our health insurance situation, I am thankful for having a such a happy and healthy family. I am truly grateful for having a perfectly healthy little girl. I have started watching "A Baby Story" again on the TLC channel, and have started getting excited about having another baby. I cry at every single birth on TV and I get over joyed and happy about it. I hope our new baby is as healthy as Regan is.
OH, and I am going to predict the gender of the new baby..A girl. In case you have never heard of this before, the "Chinese Birth Chart" has been said to be 99% accuarte. It figures out the sex by the age of the mother at time of conception, AND the moth the child was concieved in. It was right with my first, and i am sure it will be right with this on...but I know, there is still a chance of having a boy :)

1 comment:

Dougie D said...

"AND the moth the child was concieved in. "

We conceived this kid in a MOTH? I must have been drunk. Gross!