Sunday, September 23, 2007

My favs

This is my favorite perfume, today. Sparked by a birthday gift from my friend Anj, (she got me the Philoshophy "birthday" gift set) I have been obsessed with all thier products ever since. I really LOVE the hand cream but I couldnt find a picture of it. I couldn't decide which perfume to by, even after having samples of them from sephora. So I decided to get 3 of them. "Amazing Grace", Falling in Love, and "Baby Grace" I just alternate between them all, it's great cause I don't get sick of the scent. And thankfully I got 2 of the scents in miniature size :)
P.S. My birthday is February case you need any ideas for my gifts. also in 2008... I WILL BE 30 years old.. :) :(

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j.elliot said...

30 isn't so bad, really. I promise.