Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

So my birthday was yesterday, and I just didn't feel like making cupcakes even though I really wanted some.
Today ended up being a total snow day, everything is closed, I mean EVERYTHING! You would think we never had snow before.
So I decided it was time to make some Valentine's cupcakes..only I had one problem. Nothing is open, I wasn't going to shovel snow anyway, but I have no ingredients ;( My husbands idea, use a can of soda.
Hmmmm What are you talking about? I forgot that he actually told me about this awhile ago, but I didn't need the info then.
So I take a box of cake mix (I had red velvet,so appropriate) and a can of soda. mix together and bake!
No eggs, no vegetable oil. Just soda! Take a sip or 2 of the soda first, then use the rest. So now its vegan!
Also, it turned out to be one of the best cupcakes ever! The batter tasted like Dr. Pepper...haha YUMMY~

Also, I have been working on some new custom wedding cupcake toppers, so I took some photos of it with the cupcakes.
Buy them in my store!

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