Thursday, December 4, 2008

Photo Booth

Anyone who has a macbook like myself knows what "Photo Booth" is. There is a built in camera on my laptop and an application that you get to take photos- and with some neat special effects. SO my smart little cookie of a daughter knows how to use the computer- she has mastered all the kid games on nick at a ripe age of 3.5.....(and has also learned to type her own name) She also has figured out how to open photo booth on her own, and likes to take pictures of herself. Its actually rather adorable when I look back and see the funny pictures she took of herself when I'm not looking. I have to delete alot of them since she takes like 100 pictures at any given session. anyway here are a few of my favorites from the past 12 months :) of course the last one is my favorite, you can see me in the background feeding the little guy- I had NO idea she was doing this, I almost peed my pants when I later saw the picture..hahaha what is she thinking?!

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Super Mom said...

Goodness! How in the world did she get her leg way up there like that! I just laughed out loud when I saw that. Just skimming through blogs and found yours. Really funny pictures - and I love the last one the best too!
Jill :)