Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a bunch of Dick's!

I would first like to start by saying that I have been in a GREAT mood! I love Christmas time, I love being happy and seeing other people happy. anyway, I went to Dick's today to return something and to buy a treadmill. ( I am sick of not fitting into my clothes!) So I am going to make this LONNNNNNG story short. I asked a salesperson to help me with buying a treadmill, he told me to take this form that he filled out with info and take it to the costumer service....I went there and was ignored by some lady with a stick up her ass. I'm not gonna go into what happened cause it is long and painful..bottom line, I left with an Eagles sweatshirt for myself..(from the exchange) and with NO treadmill cause the "Customer Service" wouldn't answer me and procceded to help 5 other people (who were there way after me) before I gave up and left. bottom line...they are a bunch of Dicks! actually just the one lady, the kids working there who probably get paid a ton less, were more helpful.

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Your husband, the douchebag. said...

I just read this and realized that you already told me about this while I was in bed and I fell asleep halfway through the story...hahaha. In your face!