Monday, November 5, 2007

THAT'S why they call it The Cheesecake "FACTORY"

Here is the letter I wrote to "The Cheesecake Factory" after getting a large order to go for our friends and us yesterday
I would like to complain about a situation we had with our food, for the SECOND time. We have only had food from this new restaraunt 3 times. the 2nd time, on my birthday, 2/09/07 I had a piece of a number 2 pencil in my quesadilla. The manager said, we dont even use pencils here..which was found to be a lie when we returned the food (it was to go) and on the greeting station is a bunch of pencils! I actually took a bite of food with the pencil in it. anyway, they refunded our money.fine. yesterday we had a large to go order again, we finally got the courage to eat there again after months and months...Then My husband goes to take a bite from his steak and sees somehting shiny in his sauce. IT WAS A STAPLE. Now if he actually ate that, you would have a lawsuit right now. I could not believe that something like this has actually happened, AGAIN! I am amazed. Do they pack the food in the office??

I am outraged by this and did not want to take it back to the place because we were treated so poorly last time we had something in our food. Since this has happened to us on 2 separate occasions that were months apart, I am sure that there are alot of other things like this going on with this place. I am requesting that someone investigate this location to ensure that something horrible does not happen to someone. I am also requesting a full refund from our dinner. Of course, I have the reciept with no totals on it. (I guess you don't want people to realize they over paid for shitty food) I would like this information to be forwarded to the approprate people and I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thank you,I also want to tell you that we get our food to go because we have a 2 year old,who will not sit in a restaraunt. If she ate a pencil or a staple, you would be getting a letter from a lawyer. Please take this serious. Hopefully this would help to improve your policies at this location, cherry hill, NJ and others like it. thank you for taking the time to read this.

Gee, I wonder if I am going to get a response....haha NOT I can't WAIT to order from there again, maybe I will call the news and go "undercover" really, what are the chances that this happened to us twice? with office supplies! something strange is going on there. seriously strange.

I just got a call from the cheesecake factory people. They are sending us a gift card, and informed me that they put the togo orders together at a station where there are office supplies.....SO I would assume our office supplies that have made it into our food came from the carelessness of the workers that put the food together. They did apologize and also said that thier "TO GO" orders do account for a large part of thier profits. He also said that he is giving us a giftcard to proove that when we eat there again, they can do things correctly.....we shall see!

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Buske said...

Just what Doug needs, more foreign objects in his body. First it was stones, now staples?