Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Our 2nd weekly craft night went off well. This time I made vegetarian tacos and Kat brought some toppings for us to make SUNDAES! Including my favorite, the hard shell. I love it, it was my favorite thing growing up, whenever we went for ice cream, i got mine dipped in hard shell. It's great when you can't lick the ice cream fast enough,instead of it dripping all over your hands, it melts in the hard shell :) Anyway. I have adapted the name "ice cream social" for our group of stitching bitches. Until we actually agree on a name. It has only been 1 week, well less than that, and I am so proud of how well everyone is doing. It took me awhile to get as good as they are getting, maybe cause they have a good teacher :) Kathlene and Kristie have completed thier scarves, and Anj already finished an Owl, from my pattern, and now is on to her own design of a cake. She kinda cheated though, because she came over on the weekend and I showed her how to crochet in the round. (sorry girls) Vicki, who came for the first time, worked on her key holder box. Shedoesn't want to be granny and learn to crochet.haha and with all of the other girls giving her peer pressure, I don't know if she is gonna come back. Or maybe she will comeback and decide to crochet. When I was 24 I had NO desire to learn to crochet. But I wish I did. See you girls when I get back from vaca!

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